Schaefer Keg - 20L SUDEX - MicroMatic D-Type - AISI 304 - Made in Europe - Stackable

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If you are looking for a nice and practical addition to your keg fleet, a new 20L keg available from Beverage Craft is right up your alley. Being slightly bigger than a standard stainless steel Corny keg (yet having all the benefits of a real keg), a 20 liter beer keg will work great for any professional or home brewery.

A 20 liter keg is ideal for small-batch brews when you need to try some new recipe but not 100% sure about it. A quality 20L keg for beer designed and manufactured by the famous European brand Schaefer will become an absolutely indispensable item in your brewing arsenal. Plus, you can stack 20l kegs on top of each other, which always saves up some space.

We all know what a beer keg is, but why would anyone want an empty beer keg? Tons of reasons!
  • Fill up your own keg at any craft brewery (where permitted) 
  • No deposit for keg rentals for your bashes
  • Convert it into a unique bar stool
  • Bar accessory to give it that real "bar" feel
  • Stackable if shipped from Canada and not-stackable if fulfilled from the US
You imagine it, you can do it... because it's your keg.
Get your enterprise name embossed for a low extra fee (10 letter-spaces available for stamping, per chime side)
Size (litres) 20L 
Size (barrel) 1/6 
Finish 304 Stainless Steel 

20L Kegs for Sale

Beverage Craft offers a variety of 20 litre kegs for sale, made by Schaefer and complete with a standard D-type Micromatic fitting. The keg models that have SUDEX in their name are plasma-jet welded, which gives them higher aseptic qualities than the regular stainless steel kegs. Comfort grip handles are also a nice touch allowing for easier handling.

As for the 20l keg price, it depends on how you like your kegs. If you order a keg in the USA and Canada, prices start from $108 for a basic, non-branded model; for a branded keg (with side embossing), you will have to add an additional $5-7.

20L Keg Sizing

Here are the standard 20 litre keg dimensions:

  • Height - 23.23 inches
  • Weight - 12.35 lbs
  • Diameter - 9.17 inches
  • 20l keg size (capacity) - 20 liters

In addition to the 20l keg dimensions, here are the key features a Schaefer SUDEX keg, as provided by the manufacturer:

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Sankey D valve
  • Custom branding
  • Extreme durability
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 20 liter keg size

20L Kegs features

This new 20L (5 Gal) empty beer keg comes with MicroMatic D system Sankey Valve and is stackable for easy storage of multiple kegs.

The keg is chemically descaled (pickled) and passivated for clean and ready to be filled keg.

Every keg is pressured to test for leaks and comes with 1 year warranty for spear and 5 years for the keg.

Discount on larger quantities is available 

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20l Kegs Shipping Options

The image below shows you different 20l keg shipping options that we provide for our customers. Be sure to specify the preferred option when you contact us to receive a shipping quota.






Please note: if a 20-liter barrel keg is shipped from Canada, it’s stackable; for orders completed from the US, it’s only the non-stackable option.

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