Angram Sparkler for Casks, with 0.6mm holes
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The Angram Cask Beer Sparkler is a plastic non-adjustable threaded nozzle with 16 small holes designed for use with a beer engine spout to allow you to dispense precious cask conditioned ales without overspill.

Sixteen small holes (0.6mm) serve for fine bubble size and a spacing pipe controls aeration. It is designed for use on an extended swan neck nozzle, which can reach to the bottom of the glass.

The Angram Sparkler for Casks provides a nozzle extension in two different sizes 90mm and 55mm this will ensure that the sparkler hits the bottom of the glass.

Angram Sparkler Technical Specifications

  • Designed for unpressurised cask ales
  • Provides long lasting creamy head 
  • Prevents overspill
  • For extended swan neck nozzle
  • 55mm & 90mm nozzle extension.

A Cask Ale Genuine Angram Sparkler Nozzle Beer Pump can become worn or clogged, in this case replace it with a new one for a quality dispense.

Tip: Always keep an extra sparkler on-hand for a fast replacement if worn or lost.

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