304 Stainless Steel Cask Keg, 9 gal (40.9L)
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Cask ale has very specific storage and conditioning requirements, and not every keg will do. This 9-gallon cask keg is ideal for serving cask-style real ale and it works great for both home and commercial use. Featuring a unique, streamlined look, this keg will definitely stand out among the rest of your kegs.

Overview 9 gal Cask Keg,  (40.9L)

This 304 stainless steel cask keg is meant to be used only with cask ale. Cask kegs are different from standard keg beers or light lagers because they are unpasteurized and need to be conditioned before serving.

Cask ales are fermented twice: first in the brewery and then in the cellar of a pub - hence, the keg. In the cellar, cask ales need to be vented, tapped, and conditioned by the cellar manager.
Another difference is that real ale is not as fizzy as lagers because it doesn’t have any added. It might have a light sparkly from CO2 produced naturally during conditioning. When served, cask ale should be crystal clear and served at a temperature of 11 to 13 degrees centigrade.

Cask Ale Keg Advantages

This cask ale keg is an ideal choice for both homebrewers and pub owners due to its:

  • ergonomic design
  • light weight
  • anti-corrosion protection

It is made entirely of beverage-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and is fully passivated for a clean, sanitary surface.

Used by brewers from all over the world, this stainless steel pin cask will make a great addition to your brewing setup and ensure countless gallons of unpasteurized, naturally carbonated cask ale.

Stainless Steel Cask Keg Specifications

If you are looking for solid stainless steel casks for sale, look no further than this model. Here are some of the specifications worth noting:

Items 9 Gallon  
Material SUS 304  
Overall Height (Unit: mm) 484±2  
Diameter of Chimes (Unit: mm) 330±2  
Weight (Unit:kg) 10.0kg±5%  
Volume (Unit: litre) 40.9±0.25L  
Thickness of Material Chimes (Unit: mm) 1.7  
Body (Unit: mm) 1.5  
Loading Quantity PalletPackage (OnePallet) 16PCS  

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