Wooden Stillage for Casks
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This wooden stillage is designed to allow homebrew casks contents to flow to the tap only using gravity. It arrives in 4 separate pieces but takes about 30 seconds to assemble.

Wood Stillage Rack For Beer Casks Highlights:

  • Material: Durable fine hardwood
  • No tools needed
  • Can be stored flat when not in use
  • Provides a slight angle for easy direct dispensing
  • Capable of holding a 5.4 or 10.8 gallon cask

Beverage Craft offers good-quality wooden stillage for casks for breweries and pubs.

Feel free to browse our catalog to find wood stillage rack for beer casks that are optimal for your needs. If you are not sure which wooden stillage for cask keg to choose, please contact us for a professional consultation and friendly advice.

If you are looking to buy wooden stillage for casks in Canada and the USA, get yours from Beverage Craft today!

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