Wall Mount Dispenser - 3 Taps - Glycol Chilled
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This commercial-grade stainless steel wall mount beer dispenser is a perfect choice if you’re looking to increase your beer dispensing capacity and want to do it with style.

3 Tap Wall-mounted Glycol-cooled Beer Dispenser Features

This wall mount dispenser features 3 chrome-plated faucets and is designed to be used with a glycol-cooled long-draw draft beer setup, which is common for large bars and, unlike air cooling, requires a separate refrigeration system and a glycol chiller.

This gives you more mobility in terms of the dispenser placement as it can be mounted as far as 250 feet away from the walk-in cooler. However, in most cases, it’s usually between 25 and 75 feet.

No matter how long your beer lines are, the glycol will always keep your beer at a required temperature (typically, around 380) from the walk-in cooler to the tap and prevent foam buildup.

For more detailed information on the glycol-cooled systems and their advantages, please read this article from our blog.


To ensure easy installation and use, this wall-mounted beer tap comes complete with the following parts:

  • Stainless steel drip tray with a removable insert (to prevent beer spillage and allow for easier cleanup)
  • 3 faucets + shanks
  • Vinyl lines for connection to your draft beer dispensing system
  • Mounting hardware

The dispenser itself (along with the drip tray) is made of high-quality stainless steel while faucets and shanks are chrome-plated brass.


This wall-mounted beer dispenser is really compact measuring only 14"H x 15"W (including air box).

  Name   Unit Wall Mount Dispanser
Part Number   WMD15-3G
Faucets  Pcs 3
Material  Stainless steel Stainless steel
Finish Chrome Chrome
Cooling method Glycol/Air Glycol
Recirculation line OD, inch 3/8 copper
Beer line ID, inch 3/16 vinyl 
Shanks and faucets Yes/No Yes
Height Inch 14"
Width Inch 15" 
Distance Between Faucets Inch 3" 
Height to Faucet Inch 12" 
Mounting hardware Yes/No Yes

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