TM DESANA IC, 2 in 1 color verification, 1 Gal
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TM Desana IC 1-gal is the ultimate heavy-duty alkaline beer line cleaner designed for maintaining cleanliness and optimal performance of your beverage dispensing system. It effectively removes stubborn buildup and deposits, ensuring exceptional taste and hygiene.

The great thing about this particular solution is that it changes its color from purple to green if residual organics are still in the line during the cleaning process.

TM Desana IC Alkaline Cleaner for Beverage Systems Features

  • Heavy-duty beverage system cleaner

  • Ideal for removing beer stone

  • Color verification

  • Alkaline cleaner for sale in Canada

Instructions for TM DESANA IC Cleaner

If you’re not sure how to use TM DESANA IC cleaner, see these quick 2 in 1 TM DESANA IC instructions.

  1. Mix 6 oz of TM Desana IC with 1 gallon of warm water

  2. Disconnect the system from the water supply and pump the solution through the lines for 10–15 minutes

  3. Flush the system with clean water and reassemble the elements

What color does beer line cleaner change to? If residual organics are still in the line, the cleaner changes its color from purple to green.

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