Cold Plate - 10" x 15", 2 Products
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Looking to replace the cold plate 10" x 15" in your jockey box or build your own? Making a jockey box for backyard barbeques, picnics, or camping trips? This is what you will need; it is an alternative to the cooling coils which are usually used.

This Draft Beer Jockey Box Cold Plate is made from cast aluminum and provides the fastest cooling, due to the excellent heat absorption. 

Cold Plate Features:

  • rugged aluminum casting
  • 18 ft. internal lines made from stainless steel
  • 1/4" Barb fittings
  • pre-drilled mounting holes and built-in legs for optimal drainage. 

The best solution for Draft Beer Jockey Box to get it up and running again quickly with this 2 Product cold plate. 

Remember never to clean your cold plate with products containing chlorine, chlorides, bleaches, or mineral acids

Buy 10" x 15" Cold Plate for dispensing two products in Canada and USA from Beverage Craft now!

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