Beer Line Cleaning Powder - Pipeline Purple Professional - 100gr (3.5 oz) - Alkaline
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This Pipeline Purple professional beer line cleaning powder is a perfect solution for maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the beer lines on your draft beer dispensing system. 

Designed specifically for use in bars, breweries, and restaurants, this professional-grade powder beer line cleaner effectively removes stubborn residue, buildup, and contaminants, ensuring optimal taste and hygiene.

To use the product, you simply need to mix the 10 grams of the powdered cleaner per liter of water and circulate it through your beer lines. This 3.5-oz size is perfect for smaller establishments or occasional use, providing an adequate cleaning solution without excess waste.

Pipeline Purple Professional Beer Line Cleaning Powder Features

  • Professional powdered pipeline cleaner

  • Chlorine-free

  • Powerful cleaning action

  • Suitable for most beer dispensing systems

  • Eliminates residue and foul odors

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