Kegerator, 3 Line Tapping Kit, CO2
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You have your kegerator and your 3 kegs - now it's time to hook it all together with this triple tap kegerator kit and get your beer flowing.

When you have this kit all you need is the gas cylinder and the keg itself to dispense a beer.


  • Primary CO2 Regulator with 2 gauges: 1 to show the pressure applied and 1 to show the amount of gas in the tank.
  • Thermoplastic Vinyl Hose, Red PVC Tubing - 14 feet
  • 3 x Keg Couplers, D Type (will fit majority of North American beers)
  • Air Distributor, Three-way, Plug-barb to better regulate a gas flow
  • 6 x SS Gear Clamps

Unsure of which keg coupler you need for your beer?

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