Dual Cleaning Flusher for D and S System Coupler
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If you happen to be using a draft beer dispensing system that features two or more beer lines, this dual cleaning flusher for D and S system will make for a very useful cleaning accessory. What this double flusher does is connecting two D (or S) type couplers with fittings and adapters so that you could clean two beer lines at a time, instead of just one.

This effectively cuts the time you need to spend on cleaning in two, which is always a nice thing. Clean your beer lines faster with a dual flush cup for keg couplers Sankey D & S beer system stainless steel for sale!

Dual Cleaning Flusher for D and S System Coupler Features

This beer line cleaning double flusher kit allows you to simplify and speed up the cleaning process. It’s easy to use and features a pretty straightforward construction – here are the main parts:

  • Male beer line fitting thread ⅞’’ x 14 straight pipe

  • Adapter dimensions: 5 ⅛’’ L

  • Integrated ball lifter

If you are looking to buy double flusher for single hole keg valve taps in the USA and Canada, go with Beverage Craft!

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