Compressor - Embraco - NE6170Z
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When it comes to reliable refrigeration parts, Embraco is the benchmark. Having started in Brazil where tropical heat is ever-present, these guys know how to handle refrigeration under extreme conditions.

This Embraco NE6170Z 1/4 HP Compressor R-134a Updated Model for True Avantco Atosa is equivalent to the NEK6170Z model as both are interchangeable.

  • Max condensing pressure operating: 16.2 bar
  • Max condensing pressure peak: 20.6 bar
  • Productivity: 2,857 BTU/h MBP

Product Specifications

Refrigerant: R134a
Power range(W): 701 - 1000 W
Power range(HP): 0-2
Discharge: 8.77 cm3
LRA: 11.0A
Model series: NE
Cooling capacity condition: +7,2°C tk +54,4 °C
Power supply: 115V
Weight: 10.38 kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 24,20 × 17,80 × 20,00 cm
Stroke volume (cm3): 8,77
Power (HP): 0,3
Max. Starting current (A): 11
Compressor type: Piston
Lubricant type: POE 22
Lubricant charge 350 ml
Motor type: CSIR
Cooling: fan cooling

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