8" US Sankey Beer Keg Party Pump
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This durable 8” keg pump with an ergonomic handle means less pumping more pouring. Some refer to it as a Party Pump - either way, it gets the beer flowing!

This beer keg pump comes equipped with a D type system keg coupler with SS probe that will never tarnish or rust. 

“D” system is also known as “US Sankey,” and is very common in North America. All the major craft breweries use it, as well as most craft breweries. 

8” Keg Pump Tap Features 

  • stainless steel chrome plated, the structure is sturdy and durable, not easily damaged, and has a long life
  • easy to use, there is no complicated installation or operation, anyone can use this beer keg party pump
  • will work on most USA domestic beer kegs like Budweiser, Miller, Molson, Sam Adams, etc. 
  • great for parties and other outdoor events requiring a keg tap. Just add the right keg and let’s get the party started!

Buy an 8" US Sankey beer keg party pump in Canada and USA from Beverage Craft now!

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