Taprite Pony Keg Pump US Sankey D System Low Profile
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The Pony Keg Pump is a compact air pump. It is lightweight and convenient - the complete system weighs only 12 ounces. The Hand Pump is equipped with the D System keg tap, which is also known as US Sankey and is very popular in North America. 

This Taprite PP501 is perfect for parties, picnics, and any outdoor events. Its unique design is simple and efficient with these practical features:

  • easy to use, instructions included
  • pressure relief valve and plastic faucet
  • durable, affordable, long service life
  • fits any American sankey style keg (most American, Mexican and Canadian)
  • easy to clean, cleaning instructions are included

Its compact size and affordable price make it attractive to those who had not previously considered owning their own Beer Pump. This Low Profile Hand Keg Pump is designed for events where the whole keg will be consumed within 6-8 hours, after that time the beer will go flat. 

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