12oz Visi Slide - 10 Rows - Merchandising Glide Rack
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When you are looking for a pusher glide for drinks, you want it to be reliable, versatile, and affordable - and that’s exactly what Visi-Slides give you. Designed to be used with a wide variety of products, this Visi-fast pusher glide is an ideal display technology for beverages in bottles and small cans.

Key Features of Visi-Slide

  1. Ideal for coolers or cold vaults where height limitations are a factor
  2. Modular tracks that can be broken or cut to fit most shelf sizes
  3. Proprietary internal slip agent ensures lasting performance
  4. Clear front ring allows maximum brand exposure

Product Specifications

  • Standard Visi-Slide with a floor height of 5/16" (8mm)
  • Made of virgin polypropylene and easily recycled
  • Designed to fit 12 oz containers such as bottles or cans
  • Each row is 27" long and 3" wide, with an adjustable length


Made of virgin polypropylene, Visi shelf glides are as reliable as it gets. If you do not apply extreme heat, cold, or pressure to them, these gravity feed beverage shelves will last you forever.


Like any other great glide system for single-serve merchandising, this 12 oz 10-row merchandising glide rack features modular tracks that can be cut or broken to form any combination of lanes you may require. Add the adjustable length feature and you get a product that can fit into any refrigerator shelf imaginable.


We offer Visi cooler glides for bars, restaurants, and liquor stores at very competitive prices. for such a great price you get a gravity-fed, single-serve beverage shelf management solution for your cooler, cold vault, or ambient shelf.

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