Open Air Cooler Impulse Express
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If you are looking for a compact and stylish open air refrigerator for your bar, café, or restaurant, this model is the right choice. With a temperature range of +2 – +80C, the Impulse Express open face refrigerator is ideal for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Just place this open air fridge by the checkout or next to the entrance, and your patrons simply won’t be able to resist the urge to grab one on the go.

Impulse Express Grab and Go Cooler Features

The Impulse Express grab and go fridge features a sleek design and is equally good for both cans and bottles. Its original shape will make this display cooler stand out even in the busiest POS, attracting people’s attention and making them want to reach out for what’s inside.

Inside the Impulse Express commercial Grab N Go cooler, you’ve got a refrigerating volume of up to 192 liters, which is more than enough to display a wide range of beverages.

Open Display Refrigerator Specifications

If you are looking to buy open air display beverage coolers in the USA and Canada, the Impulse Express open front cooler is a solid choice. With custom branding on the sides, this air screen cooler is bound to get noticed by your patrons.

Here are the main specifications of the small open air cooler for sale:

  • Open merchandiser refrigerator overall dimensions: L = 623, W = 736, H = 1,450
  • Internal volume of the open air merchandiser cooler: 238 liters
  • Display area, max: 0,56 m2
  • Open refrigerated display merchandiser weight: 149 kg
Height x Width x Depth
1450, 623, 736
Internal Volume, L 238/126
Net Weight, Kg 149
Gross Weight, Kg  
Input Power, KW 0.65+0.3*
Refrigerant R290
Cooling Performance? +2 - +8 C
Insulation Material  
Door Insulating Skirt
Door Frame Black Plastic
Voltage Supply 220-240V/50HZ
Inner Body Embossed Aluminium Plate
Outer Body Powder Coated Steel Plate

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