Beer Faucet Plug & Tap Brush
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A two-in-one draft beer faucet cap and brush is a simple device designed to help you keep your faucets clean (the tap brush part) and free from sediment when not in use (the faucet plug part).

If you’re looking to buy a beer tap plug in the USA and Canada, Beverage Craft is the place to be! We offer the best choice of draft beer equipment and accessories, always at the right prices.

2 in 1 Draft Beer Faucet Plug Features

  • This beer plug is designed to fit both domestic and European faucets

  • Ideal for overnight use in bars and pubs

  • Faucet plug cap length: 2.25 inches (5.71 cm)

  • Beer faucet hygiene plug protects from sediment and yeast buildup

  • Different colors for tap plugs available

Beer Tap Stopper

When used as a beer tap stopper, this 2-in-1 plug securely sits on your faucet when not in use, keeping all unwanted bugs and fruit flies away.

Beer Tap Brush

A 2.25-inch long brush is more than enough to clean your faucet from sediment and yeast.

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