Things to Consider When Buying an Undercounter Kegerator

Things to Consider When Buying an Undercounter Kegerator

Posted by Ron on 28th Feb 2023

A lot of brewers and draft beer enthusiasts would like not only to put beer on tap in their own homes but also to make it a bit more presentational than just having a freestanding kegerator occupying space in the room. 

Getting a commercial undercounter kegerator allows you to do just that. Under counter kegerators seamlessly blend into your interior and offer a great way to enjoy a fresh draft beer at home.

In this article, we’ll talk about different  kegerator keg sizes and give tips on buying an undercounter kegerator. 

When Do You Need an Undercounter Kegerator? 

A typical situation when you might want to get an undercounter kegerator is this: you’d like to be able to enjoy drinking fresh, cold draft beer in the comfort of your home, without having to go to a bar or pub. 

A kegerator is designed to solve this particular problem. It is a compact and elegant solution, allowing you to dispense beer from kegs anywhere you want inside your home. 

But can you put a kegerator under a counter? Absolutely yes, especially if you know what size of the fridge for undercounter kegerator to choose.

What is the size of an undercounter kegerator? There are two more or less standard varieties: the smaller, 15-inch wide model and the bigger, 24-inch wide model. 

What Type of Kegerator for Undercounter to Use? 

When shopping for an undercounter kegerator, you should only choose models that are specifically designed to be built-in. Typically, these kegerators come with a built-in fan that allows for zero-clearance installation. 

undercounter kegerators for home bar

What Is the Best Undercounter Kegerator? 

The best under-counter kegerator is the one that matches at least three of the following criteria: 

  • Blends into your interior 
  • Easy installation 
  • Enough space to fit all the kegs you’re planning to use 
  • Does not break your budget 
  • Comes with a beer tower 

How long does a keg last in a kegerator? We have a separate article on this topic – be sure to read it.

Outdoor Undercounter Kegerator 

An outdoor undercounter kegerator is basically the same as the indoor variety – the only difference is that the former may come with removable castor wheels for better mobility. 

outdoor unde rcounter kegerators

How to Install Kegerator in Undercounter 

The undercounter kegerator installation process begins with unpackaging. Lay out the kegerator parts on a flat surface, ensuring you have the following: 

  • CO2 regulator 
  • keg coupler 
  • keg tap and tap handle 
  • CO2 tank (filled!) 
  • keg tower with a connected translucent hose 
  • red hose with two fasteners 
  • 4 short bolts and washers 
  • 4 long bolts 
  • 4 nuts 
  • 2 rubber washers 
  • drip tray 

How to install a kegerator in an undercounter cabinet? The main difficulty is drilling a carefully positioned hole in the counter to ensure it fits the beer tower. Everything else has more to do with assembling the parts and connecting them. 

How to Set Up Undercounter Kegerator 

Setting up an undercounter kegerator basically means you have to connect the parts of a standard draft beer system. Start with mounting the tap tower, then attach the beer hose to the keg coupler and connect the coupler to the keg itself. 

After that, connect the CO2 regulator to the CO2 tank and attach the airlineair line to the keg coupler. Secure the connections with fasteners and then open the CO2 tank, setting the pressure level at 12. 

The final touch is placing the drip tray below the tap. That’s it – you can now pour a fresh pint and enjoy! If you possess great DIY skills, you can try and convert a used refrigerator into a kegerator using one of these  kegerator kits

What Temperature Should an Undercounter Keg Fridge Be 

For most beers, the ideal temperature for dispensing would be in the range between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to what home refrigerators have as their default temperature.

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Which Undercounter Keg Fridge to Buy in 2023 

As we’ve mentioned before, the ideal kegerator for your home is the one that’s the right size and does not break your budget. If you can’t decide between two or more models, be sure to read some undercounter kegerator reviews on specialized draft beer forums, as there’s a higher chance they’re written by real people. 

If you’re still not sure where to buy a kegerator in the USA and Canada, check out a  kegerator on sale from Beverage Craft. We specialize in draft beer equipment and accessories, offering a wide choice of kegerator models, both for indoor and outdoor use. 

If you’re looking for a specific configuration (e.g., an undercounter kegerator double tap), we can easily help you find one.

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