2023 Cool Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

2023 Cool Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

Posted by Ron on 26th Nov 2021

The holiday season is coming and you’re still not sure what to buy a beer lover for Christmas. We have plenty of ideas you might not have considered yet, all of which are guaranteed to please the recipient and make for a memorable present.

Let’s see what we have in store this Christmas!

Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

What to get beer lovers for Christmas? A great Christmas gift for someone who loves beer does not have to be beer itself. Here at Beverage Craft, you will find so many interesting Christmas gifts for the beer connoisseur that go far beyond the obvious choices, like a set of glasses. Here are our top Christmas ideas for beer lovers.

Christmas ideas for beer lovers - Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making kit

A perfect gift for someone who loves craft beer,  Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making kits are a fun and easy way to brew some truly original beer flavors in your kitchen. These kits contain everything you need to brew a batch of beer: brewing extract, yeast, fermenter keg, and spigot.

Every kit comes with detailed instructions so even if you’re giving this kit to someone who’s not a pro homebrewer yet, they will figure it out in no time.

Oh, and they are reusable - you just have to clean and sanitize the parts after brewing, get a new refill kit, and get ready to brew another batch with the  best beer-making kit!

Beer-making kit refills

Beer making kit refills and mixes for present

A logical companion to a beer-making kit,  beer-making kit refills feature everything you need to brew another batch of craft beer at home: brewing extract, hops, and yeast. You can choose from dozens of original flavors guaranteed to please even the most experienced beer aficionados!

Jockey box

Jokey Box as a Christmas gift for a beer lover 2021-2022

Jockey box is one of the best Christmas gifts for beer drinkers and it’s easy to see why. These little coolers are designed for dispensing draught beer in small to medium amounts in situations where no electricity is available. They’re perfect for picnics, backyard parties and other outdoor events.

Their compact size, versatility, and ease of use make jockey boxes a nice addition to any homebrewer’s arsenal. Multiple options are available - you can choose from smaller,  single-faucet models to the more fancy ones - like this 2-faucet retro-style jockey box.

Still not sure? Read on, or check out  this article to get more ideas on the best Christmas gifts for homebrewers - you can easily get a kegerator for sale, a nice ceramic beer tower, or even spring for a glycol chiller.

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Personalized Beer Lover Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some original and funny beer-related gifts for your friends, you might as well make them useful. The first thing that comes to mind here is one of the most popular presents for people who like beer - a  custom beer tap handles.

Beverage Craft offers a wide variety of  unique beer tap handles - the choice is truly amazing: there’s a Happy Santa tap handle, an Obama tap handle, a Peace Sign tap handle - the list goes on and on.

Personalized beer tap handles as a present idea for Christmas

For someone with a more conventional taste, we have a cool selection of  collectible tap handles featuring logos of some of your favorite beer brands. Coming in a variety of shapes and styles, these tap handles will add a perfect finishing touch to any home bar or draught beer dispensing system.

If you’re going for more personalized craft beer Christmas gifts, try one of our custom-branded tap handles. It’s easily one of the best beer Christmas gifts! The way it works is simple:

  1. Pick one of our generic tap handles
  2. Submit your branding request along with the logo/image/phrase you want to be placed on your tap handle
  3. We confirm the final design and produce the tap handle in accordance with our specifications

The result is a truly original draught beer accessory and a memorable present for anyone who loves beer! 

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