Vertical Agitator Pump, Flojet SPC42
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Looking for a reliable vertical agitator pump for refrigerator? The Flojet SPC42 pump is the right fit. This model is designed for continuous operation in chillers, coolers, and other food and beverage applications.

If you’re looking to buy a Flojet pump for chiller SPC42 in the USA and Canada, go with Beverage Craft. We always ensure the best price and quality for our customers.

Flojet SPC42 Vertical Agitator Pump Features

Here are the technical specifications for the Flojet beverage pump, SPC42 model. This is arguably the best vertical agitator pump for sale we have.

  • 2-stage pump head
  • IPX4 motor housing
  • Flow rate: up to 15.8 l/.min (4.17 gal/min)
  • Comes with plugs or leads to suit the application
  • Long service life and low maintenance

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