Sanitap Drain Cleaner Strips 5'', 10 per package
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Sanitap drain cleaner strips are a must-have item for every bar or pub. These wonderful little things allow you to keep your drip tray area free from foul odors and harmful bacteria.

Easily fitting into any drip tray, one of these strips can last up to 3 weeks. This is quite convenient since most draft beer owners clean their beer lines every 2–3 weeks anyway, so you just have to remember to replace the strip every time you do the cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Strips Features

  • Reduces fruit fly presence
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Prevents mildew, fungi, and algae buildup
  • Prevents drain overflows
  • One strip lasts up to 3 weeks

Where to Buy Drain Cleaning Strips?

If you’re looking to buy drain cleaning strips in the USA and Canada, Beverage Craft is the best place to do it! We offer a wide choice of draft beer line cleaning supplies for sale, always at the right prices.

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