Sanitap Drain Cleaner Strips 12'', 10 per package
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Looking for the best drain sticks for a drip tray? Sanitap Drain Cleaner Strips are a highly effective and simple solution for maintaining clear and odor-free drains.

These drain sticks feature a powerful cleaning formula that helps to control foul-smelling odors typically caused by mildew, fungi, or slime. The effect from one strip lasts up to three weeks, allowing you to change them during a biweekly beer line cleaning.

Sani-Tap Drain Strips Features

  • Easy-to-use 12’’ drain cleaner strips

  • Reduces fruit fly presence significantly

  • Prevents drain overflows

  • The effect from eco drain cleaning sticks lasts up to 3 weeks

  • Fits into most drip trays

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

Where to Buy Drain Sticks

If you are looking to buy drip pan strips in the USA and Canada, choose them from Beverage Craft! You simply can’t go wrong with our vast selection of drain freshener sticks for sale.

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