Keg Coupler, G Type
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Dispensing European-style beers like Anchor, Grolsch, Sir Perry Williams, and some others requires a special type of coupler – G-system keg coupler.

This high-quality G coupler is designed to fit most European kegs, is the perfect solution for dispensing your favorite European beers with ease and precision, which makes it a versatile addition to any bar or home draft beer dispensing setup. Crafted from durable materials, this coupler is built to last and withstand the rigors of frequent use.

G System Keg Coupler Features

  • G type keg connector for Grolsch, Anchor, Boddington’s

  • 304 stainless steel body and probe G type coupler for maximum sanitation

  • Ergonomic design for hassle-free beer dispensing

If you are looking to buy a G-style keg coupler in the USA and Canada, get one from Beverage Craft! You simply can’t go wrong with our vast selection of keg couplers for sale.

Unsure if your brand of beer requires a G type keg coupler? Browse below for your list of beer or contact us and we will let you know. Check this article in our blog to see how do you know what type of keg coupler you need.

Abbot Ale Fuller's ESB
Anchor Liberty Ale Fuller's London Pride
Anchor Porter Grolsch
Anchor Steam Old Speckeled Hen
Bass Pale Ale Rouge
Blackthorne Cider Scottish Tennents
Boddington's Pub Ale Sir Perry William's
Caffrey's Watney's

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