Growler tube filler for domestic faucet
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This growler filler hose allows you to pour beer directly into the bottom of a growler thus eliminating a rough core and reducing turbulence. This results in a nice, slow, and steady fill with almost no CO2 loss.

Growler Filler Tubes and How They Work

A growler filler tube is required when you need to quickly fill your growler right from a tap/kegerator. This little part features a metal connector with some O rings on one of its ends, which just happens to fit perfectly into a standard beer faucet creating a very nice seal if you’re using a growler filler tube for stock tap.

However, if you’re dealing with a Perlick faucet, you’re going to need a separate Perlick growler filler as this type of faucets is generally smaller in diameter. Thankfully, you can easily get a separate Perlick growler filler 630 instead.

Growler Tube Filler for Stock Beer Faucets Features

  • Vinyl tube
  • Stainless steel connector
  • Two O-rings
  • Does not fit a Perlick faucet growler filler

We do not recommend using the tube filling method for flavor-full beers and hoppy beers as they lose their aroma and bouquet too quickly when coming in contact with oxygen.

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