Faucet Shank Cleaning Attachment with 5/16'' Hose Barb
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This faucet shank attachment with 5/16’’ hose barb is a simple tool that can help you clean your draft beer dispensing system parts easier and more efficiently.

The way it works is pretty straightforward: you just attach the male thread to any female faucet of your draft beer system, much like a beer shank. Then, use the 5/16″ barb end with a vinyl hose of the appropriate size.

Shank Cleaning Adapter with 5/16'' Hose Barb Features

This beer faucet shank cleaning attachment features a simple three-piece construction:

  • 1⅛’’ x 18 chrome-plated male thread

  • 5/16’’ barb

  • Rubber gasket

If you are looking to buy a faucet cleaning adapter, 5/16’’ barb for sale in the USA and Canada, go with Beverage Craft!


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