Keg Service: Tools & Replacement Parts for Extending the Life of Your Kegs

Keg Service: Tools & Replacement Parts for Extending the Life of Your Kegs

Posted by Ron on 12th Oct 2023

Keg service and maintenance play a crucial role in the process of running a brewery or a taproom. Proper keg maintenance and repair ensures the quality of the beer, enhances customer satisfaction, and maximizes your profitability. Rebuilding and reconditioning kegs further amplify these benefits.

Why Is Keg Service Right for You?

Beer keg service, keg maintenance, and keg repair all involve the proper care and management of beer kegs to ensure they are:

  • Clean
  • Fully functional
  • Delivering beer of consistently high quality

As a rule, keg service features the following activities:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Filling
  • Ensuring the kegs are in good condition for dispensing beer.

Regular maintenance also involves checking for leaks, replacing worn-out keg components, and maintaining proper temperature control to guarantee the best taste and quality of the beer served from the kegs.

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Essential Tools for Keg Service & Maintenance

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Here is a list of essential keg tools and keg replacement parts you may need for proper keg service and maintenance:

  • Keg coupler

This is a key tool used to connect the beer line to the keg. It allows for the beer to flow from the keg to the tap system.

  • Keg wrench

Used to remove and tighten the keg valve. It helps in securely connecting and disconnecting the coupler.

  • Keg cleaning kit

Typically consists of a brush, cleaning solution, and fittings to clean the keg thoroughly.

  • Line cleaning kit

Beer lines can accumulate sediment, bacteria, and yeast over time, affecting the taste and quality of the beer. A line cleaning kit helps in keeping the beer lines clean and free of any contaminants.

  • Draft beer tower wrench

This tool is specifically designed to remove and install faucets on the draft beer tower. It ensures a tight and secure connection, preventing leaks.

  • Draft beer faucet brush

Faucets can get clogged or dirty, affecting the taste of the beer. A faucet brush helps in easily cleaning and maintaining these components.

  • Keg spear

This is one of the most popular keg parts and accessories. Keg spears are inserted into the keg, connecting the beer inside to an external dispensing system or tap. Due to heavy wear and tear, this part often needs replacement.

  • Keg spear repair toolkit

Contains all the necessary tools to replace/fix a keg spear: keg spear clip, keg spear O-ring, keg spear compression tool, and keg spear removal knife.

  • Beer line cutter

If the beer lines need replacing or adjusting, a beer line cutter makes the process quick and precise. It is used to cut through the lines cleanly without any fraying.

  • Keg pressure tester

This tool is used to check the pressure within the keg. It ensures the keg is properly pressurized and avoids any potential issues with carbonation or dispensing.

A simple plastic cap to protect the keg from scratching and dust.

Sanke Kegs Replacement Parts

Here is the of the parts you will most likely need:

  • Keg coupler
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Dip tube
  • Gas valve
  • Rubber O-rings
  • Keg lid and lid seal
  • Keg spacers
  • Keg cleaning kit
  • Keg gaskets
  • Keg valves and fittings
  • Keg valve removal tool
  • Keg spear replacement parts

Corny Kegs Replacement Parts

In addition to the parts we’ve already mentioned in the previous section, you’ve got the following Corny keg parts:

  • Keg posts (inlet and outlet)
  • Gas line assembly
  • Liquid line assembly
  • Disconnects (gas and liquid)
  • Ball locks
  • Keg poppets
  • Assorted nuts, O-rings, and washers

Keg Spear Repair and Maintenance

What is a spear on a keg? A spear is the valve mechanism located at the top of a keg. It requires regular maintenance to prevent leaks, maintain proper pressure, and ensure efficient dispensing of beverages.

How do you disassemble a keg spear? Here are the main steps of the keg spear replacement process:

  1. Empty the keg completely
  2. Release pressure (manually or using a CO2 regulator)
  3. Remove the old spear: unscrew or detach the fixing device and carefully remove the spear from the keg
  4. Clean and inspect: check the seals, O-rings, and gaskets for signs of deterioration and replace them if necessary
  5. Attach the new spear
  6. Reconnect fittings
  7. Pressure test the keg to ensure there are no leaks

Refurbishing Used Stainless Steel Kegs

Refurbished kegs are a great option for thrifty draft beer dispensing system owners who are not too keen on spending a fortune on their equipment. Here are some of the benefits of refurbishing used kegs:

  • Cost-effectiveness

This is particularly beneficial for small breweries or bars that may have a limited budget, as they can save money on kegs without compromising on the quality of their beer.

  • Environmental sustainability

By reusing kegs, you help to reduce the demand for new kegs, minimizing the use of raw materials, energy consumption, and waste generation.

  • Customization options

Refurbished beer kegs can be customized with branding, logos, or specific designs, providing breweries and bars with an opportunity to promote their brand or create a unique visual identity.

Naturally, every refurbished keg goes through a standard process that includes:

  • Inspection and cleaning
  • Rebranding and repainting
  • Pressure testing and re-passivation

Keg Cleaning and Maintenance Services from Beverage Craft

If you are looking for a professional keg cleaning service company, consider Beverage Craft. For more than a decade, we have been one of the leading suppliers of draft beer equipment and accessories on the North American market, and we sure know our way around a keg.

Proper keg cleaning and maintenance is more important than some brewers might think – it helps to extend the service life of your kegs and ensure the top quality of the beer stored in them.

Why hire Beverage Craft for beer keg cleaning and maintenance?

  • We use only new OEM parts
  • Extended service life for your kegs
  • Cheaper than buying a new keg
  • Kegs are always fit for fill

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