Blank Beer Tower Medallion - 81.6 mm (3.20")
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FE-Medallion 82
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Do you run a brewery and want your drinks to display the brand of beer on tap? Then you will definitely need beer tower medallions. Even during pop-up events you are going to want professional looking beer tap medallions to make your kep tags shine brightly!

The draft beer medallions from Beverage Craft are designed to fit most beer towers. Fish eye effect (20mm thick domed section in the middle of the lense) allows for maximum optical visualization of a branding.

Display the brand of beer on tap for customers with this crystal clear, fish eye effect medallion that is the most common size for towers with top LED and fits all of our draft beer dispensers!


Beer Tap Medallions Highlights

  • Quality and Clarity: Excellent 
  • Shape: Round
  • Diameter: 81.6mm or 3,2’’
  • Lens type: Fisheye

Beverage Craft offers high-quality keg lenses for breweries, pubs and restaurants. We also offer custom branding of beer tower medallions with your logo or artwork.

Feel free to browse our catalog to buy acrylic lenses in Canada and USA that are optimal for your needs.

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