Schaefer Yeast Brink - 100L - AISI 304 - 4" Neck & 1.5" Spout

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This 100L (26.3 gallons or 0.85 bbl) beer yeast propagation brink by Schaefer can be used in a wide variety of applications - from craft breweries to large industrial complexes. Due to its large size and a full set of features, it streamlines the yeast propagation process.

The large port on top of the brink provides for easy cleaning and inspection. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, this yeast brink offers the highest level of food safety.

Stainless Steel Schaefer Yeast Propagation Brink Features

  • Size/volume: 26.4 gallons
  • Height: 37.17 inches
  • Diameter: 15.50 inches 
  • Weight: 41.0 lbs
  • Top fitting: 4’’
  • Side fitting: 1-½’’
  • Made of 304 stainless steel

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