Regulator Wrench - Off Set
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This CO2 metal wrench is a must-have tool in the arsenal of every draft beer enthusiast. Made of zinc-plated steel, the N2/CO2 regulator wrench is used for tightening CO2 or nitrogen tanks used in draft beer dispensing systems.

Simply place the CO2 tank wrench over the nut connected to the gas tank and tighten or remove it.
With a CO2-N2 primary regulator wrench, your gas tank connections will always be secure, ensuring the proper gas pressure and a foamless pour.

CO2 Tank Regulator Wrench Features

  • Wrench size for CO2 regulator: fits a 1-⅛’’ nut
  • CO2 air tank wrench material: zinc-plated steel
  • Offset CO2 wrench design for easier access to the nut

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