Primary CO2 Regulator - TapRite
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An essential component of any draft beer dispensing system, CO2 regulators are hard to underestimate. This high pressure double gauge primary regulator offers superb performance and extreme reliability - all at the right price available from BeverageCraft.

Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator Features

Like most gas regulators are, this Taprite Primary CO2 regulator is designed to control the pressure of the gas coming out of your tank. It also helps to maintain the pressure within the range recommended for the particular style of draft beer that you’re dispensing (typically, between 10 and 12 psi for most ales and lagers produced in North America).

The word “primary” in the product title just means that this beer tap CO2 regulator can be used for dispensing a single keg. In order to dispense multiple kegs all at the same pressure, you will additionally need a distribution bar.

This particular Taprite CO2 regulator model is dual-gauge, which means it features two separate gauges:

  • the main gauge (which is on top) measures the dispensing pressure
  • the auxiliary gauge (which is one the side) measures the amount of gas that’s left in the tank

Obviously, dual-gauge gas regulators are more convenient, especially if you run a bar or pub and don’t want to keep your patrons waiting for their beer while you’re changing an empty gas tank.


  • Regulator gas type: CO2
  • Working pressure range: 0-50 psi
  • Pressures and products: 1 pressure, 1 product
  • Regulator inlet type: CGA320
  • Regulator outlet type: 1/4" flare shutoff with check
  • Material: forged brass body, polycarbonate bonnet
  • Safety: built-in pressure relief valve (set to blow at 60 psi) 
  • Made in the USA
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Product dimensions: 7"W x 7 1/2"H x 5"D
  • Weight: 1.13 kg

What’s included

The product features the following parts:

  • CGA320 inlet
  • 1/4" flare shutoff w/check
  • 60 lb gauge
  • 2,000 lb gauge
  • polycarbonate bonnet

Please note: this regulator does NOT include a stainless steel barbed swivel nut.

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