Beer Faucet Lock Cover

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Some beers are so good you simply want to lock them using a beer tap lock! It is a nice and simple way to protect your beer from unwanted guests or children (unlike a plastic beer faucet lock).

If you are looking to buy a faucet lock in the USA and Canada for sale, go with Beverage Craft!

Draft Beer Tap Faucet Lock Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum casting keg tap locks
  • Kegerator tap locks fit most US standard faucets
  • Easy to install slide-on beer faucet lock
  • Comes with one key

Beer Faucet Locks for Kegerators and Bars

A faucet handle lock (also known as a loving faucet cover) is a simple mechanical device. A typical kegerator faucet lock is placed over a faucet and covers the spout, acting as a tap handle lock and preventing the handle from moving forward.

Handle Locks for Faucets Compatibility

Most faucet locks are designed to fit standard US faucets and won’t fit other types. For that, you need to get a Perlick faucet lock or an Intertap faucet lock. Only a special Perlick tap lock can ensure proper compatibility.

How Do You Use a Beer Tap Lock?

You simply place it over a faucet and turn the key. It securely blocks the tap handle and prevents it from moving.

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