4+2 Extruded Jacket Trunk Line (Ships from USA)
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To ensure the perfect quality and temperature of the beer with every pour, your glycol-powered chilling system needs the right glycol trunk line - just like the ones we offer.

4 Product / 2 Glycol Trunk Line Features

This 4-product draft beer trunk line from Beverage Craft features for 3/8’’ / 5/16" / 1/4" inner diameter beer lines wrapped in an extruded jacket for better durability and moisture resistance. TOP model in our catalog, it works great with any commercial long-draw glycol dispensing system in small to medium-sized bars.

To prevent condensation, the beer trunk line is fitted with an internal moisture barrier and an aluminum foil wrap sitting over the barrier. The 3/8 / 5/16 / 1/4 inch barrier tube in the trunk line prevents the beverage flowing through the tube from any contamination.

Color-coding and numbering of the beer lines help to keep the products organized and separated. All of the materials are food-grade and approved by the FDA to meet food safety standards.

Draft Beer Trunk Line Specifications

Here are some of the specs of our glycol beer trunk lines:

  • Beer line diameter: 3/8’’ / 5/16" / 1/4"
  • Glycol line diameter: 3/8'’
  • Wall insulation: 3/4'’ (19 mm)
  • Outer wrap material: tough and durable protective jacket
  • Wall cling wrap material: food-grade polythene
  • Aluminum wrap material: aluminized PP film
  • Tubing material: mono-layer, 100% virgin PE
  • Product brand: UBC Group

Key Features:

  • High resistance to moisture.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Resistant to rodent attack.

Please note: our glycol trunk line is sold by the foot (1 ft = 0.3048 m). The trunk line is cut to order and non-returnable. We can sell you as wide of a run as you would like to purchase.

If you haven’t found an item or part you are seeking for don’t hesitate to contact our managers on email sales@beveragecraft.com to inquire about the availability. We have new arrivals each week and are always here to help.