Manual Keg Washing/Filling Coupling Head with Shutoffs
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This Micromatic keg washing and filling coupler with dual shutoffs has got to be one of the most useful items in a homebrewer’s catalog. Designed for filling and washing a keg with ease, the coupler fits Sanke (D-type) kegs and features two 1/2” barb shutoffs that allow you to easily switch between cleaning and filling modes.

Using a wash head tap keg coupler for filling and cleaning is super easy: cleaning solutions are injected into an inverted under pressure through the beer outlet, entering the keg through the keg valve and flowing down its inner surface. The solution and rinse water are drained through the CO2 ports on the keg valve and the CO2 port on the wash/fill head.

MicroMatic Keg Washing and Filling Coupler Features

This American Sanke 'D' style-compatible keg washing and filling coupler features a full stainless steel body and probe, resistant to chemicals and won't wear down or chip away like chrome-plated brass. Inlet and outlets are larger than standard couplers and use 1/2" barb connections. Does not include a Pressure Relief Valve for sanitary purposes. 

Coupler and shut off design and manufacturer may vary.

  • Stainless steel coupler filling head

  • Fits Sanke (D-style) kegs

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Handle fork for added strength

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