Jockey Box Picnic SS Cooler, 54QT, 2 Faucets, 2 x 50' Coils

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Are you having a family gathering, an outdoor event or the party of the year? 

You can leave the worry of warm beers behind when you're equipped with a fully assembled Jockey Box. Let the draft beer flow at the ideal temperature for a great pour every time.

2 faucet stainless steel jockey boxes are the ideal solution for beer pouring at all events; it dispenses perfectly chilled beer without having to keep the keg(s) cool.  

The beer is pumped into the Jockey Box and then through the stainless steel coil(s) that is submerged in ice and ice water. The coils then chill the beer which is dispensed through the opposite side of the box through a faucet.


  • Coleman Cooler, 54 quarts with environmentally friendly Thermozone insulation
  • Sturdy handle on each side for easy carrying
  • Coils are square shaped, 304 Stainless Steel, best coils in the market. Made in Europe.
  • Easy to set up and dispense
  • Keeps beer chilled and ready for pouring

Branding ready!


Jockey Box Training Manual

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