Valves and Fittings

Even such small parts as valves and fittings can sometimes pose problems for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts. Choosing the right piece of equipment for your particular setup is important, as well as knowing which part needs to be replaced in order for the system to work more efficiently.

At Beverage Craft, we offer a nice variety of valves and fittings for homebrewing systems and draft beer systems, including:

  • 3-piece full port ball valves (½’’)
  • 3-way stainless ball valves L type (½’’)
  • Assorted nuts and washers

If you are not sure which part is right for your homebrewing system setup, let Beverage Craft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.

Choosing the Right Valve

Knowing what type of valve you need will help you make a better, more informed decision when purchasing one.

Valves that are used in brewing applications are divided into two different means:

  • The way they are connected to the pipe or the fitting
    - Threaded valves (they generally have an MPT type of threading and can thread onto a pipe)
    - Tri-clover (tri-clamp) connection (uses a gasket and a clamp that fits over to hold it to the pipe or the vessel or the fitting)
  • The type of closure system that is inside the valve
    - Ball valve type closure (features a little ball that turns one-quarter turn of the valve to go from a completely closed position to a completely open position)
    - Butterfly valve (a thin disc that exists inside the valve - at also operates on a “quarter-turn” principle from fully closed to fully open)

The threaded valve is by far the most common as it’s inexpensive, versatile and easy to install. However, a minor drawback of this type is that the threads can retain contaminants and therefore have to be cleaned regularly.

If you’re looking for a particular type of valve or fitting and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.