Flash Chiller Tayfun T220F, 14 lines

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Tayfun T220F flash chiller is a monster of a beer keg chilling system. Equipped with fourteen 30’ stainless steel coils, this flash chiller is a great solution for a mid-sized bar or restaurant looking to optimize their beverage dispensing process.

Unlike some glycol chillers, this Tayfun T220F unit uses ice-cold water as a cooling agent. The product (whether it’s beer, water, or juice) is chilled by running through stainless steel coils submerged into ice-cold water. This particular model features 14 product lines allowing you to chill and dispense up to 14 different beverages.

An ice bank flash chiller like TayfunT220F has a wide range of applications - it is great in situations where refrigeration is limited and cold plates or coils are impractical due to the required continuous supply of ice and drainage. If you are looking for a high-capacity ice bank  draft beer flash cooler for sale, go with Tayfun T220F.

Product Highlights

  • 14 stainless steel coil with a total length of 420 ft
  • 14 product lines
  • 64-lb ice bank
  • Ice sensor
  • Manual thermostat
  • Submerged agitator pump
  • Foam in place insulated bath

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