Draft Equipment Services

If you’re planning to open a bar or build one at home, then you’re going to need professional draught equipment services and installers to assist you with the project. Welcome to Beverage Craft where we help individuals and companies realize the full potential of draft beer.

Using our website, you can easily order professional draught beer services to cover all the aspects of building a bar - from installation and equipment supplies to maintenance and cleaning.

Browse the list of our draught services below to choose the ones that are right for you. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our sales team - they’re always here to help.

  • Draft Equipment Services

    Get the right equipment at the right price installed professionally by Beverage Craft certified specialists.

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  • Draft beer line cleaning service

    Keep your beer dispensing system clean and free of any residue that might affect the taste of your beer.

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  • Draft beer equipment repair & maintenance

    Our specialists will make sure your draft beer system always provides top performance and functions smoothly.

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Professional Equipment Installation and Maintenance Services by Beverage Craft

Do you need professional installation of a draft beer system, home bar, or commercial bar? Beverage Craft offers professional draught services at highly competitive rates. Please choose the service you’re interested in, fill out the form, and our service manager will get in touch with you shortly.

Venturing into new territory may prove daunting at times - and if we’re talking about setting up a draft beer dispensing system at home or starting your own craft beer pub/bar, it gets even more difficult.

Sure, you can spend months watching videos on YouTube or reading manuals. They can give you somewhat of an idea of the draft equipment installation process but they will never give you any guarantees that you’ll get it right from the first try and not lose your investments.

We believe that the best solution is to turn to professionals and let them realize your visions to the last little detail.

Beverage Craft specialists are certified to perform any installation, cleaning, or maintenance procedure involving draft beer equipment. In addition to offering top-quality draft beer services, we also supply a wide range of draft beer equipment and accessories to suit your bar.

Although operating primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, we provide draft equipment services in all major cities in Canada and the USA. If you’re still asking yourself the question “What is the best draft equipment service company near me?”, go with Beverage Craft.