Direct Draw System 1.3 Gallon Cleaning Kit, D valve Metal Fitting
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This compact beer tap cleaning kit offers a nice and easy way to clean your kegerator beer lines, keeping them free of anything that can spoil your beverage.

The taste of beer has a lot to do not only with its style and ingredients, but also with the way it’s dispensed. Oftentimes, the nasty buildup that forms inside your beer lines can easily spoil the beer for you and your guests, which is no way to go for any craft beer enthusiast.

Be sure to clean your beer lines using a tap line cleaning kit every 2–3 weeks, depending on the frequency of use. Alternatively, you can do the cleaning every ½ barrel.

Beer Tap Cleaning Kit Features

This beer line cleaning kit with valve includes:

  • 1.3-gallon plastic cleaning can with one head
  • Stainless steel cap
  • Cleaning valve, D-system
  • 16-oz beverage system cleaner, SUPER NO-RINSE
  • Faucet wrench, red
  • Faucet brush

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