Beer line Cleaner, 1 lb CM Oxygen brewery wash
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Craft Meister oxygen cleaner and sanitizer is a highly effective and professional-grade solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the beer lines of your draft beer dispensing system. 

With its special formula, this oxygen brewery wash is designed to remove stubborn residue, bacteria, and yeast build-up that can affect the taste and quality of beer. 

Craft Meister's advanced formula ensures thorough and efficient cleaning, leaving no chalky residue behind, and providing a safe and sanitized beer dispensing system. Trusted by breweries, bars, and beer enthusiasts around the world, Craft Meister beer line cleaner guarantees optimal performance, freshness, and flavor in every pour.

Oxygen Brewery Wash Features

  • Powerful beer line cleaner and sanitizer with active oxygen

  • Dissolves faster than PBW or Oxi Clean

  • Active oxygen cleaning requires less water to rinse

  • Oxygen wash sanitizer for sale in Canada – ideal for homebrewers

Instructions for Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash Cleaner

If you’re not sure how to use brewery wash cleaner, see these quick Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash cleaning instructions.

  1. Drop one tablet into the cleaning vessel

  2. Add warm water

  3. Allow the tablet to dissolve completely

This creates a solution that can be easily circulated through your beer lines, effectively cleaning them.

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