Apollo Beer Tower - 12 Taps - Copper Brushed Finish
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Additional options:
  • 304 Stainless Steel Domestic Faucets
  • 304 Stainless Steel body
  • 3/16'' Stainless Steel product lines
  • Tap handles not included
  • 3/8" Copper Glycol recirculation lines
  • Glycol recirculation to prevent foaming during first pour
  • Triple-layer moisture and thermal insulation of glycol and product lines

Powder coating is available* (special rates and lead time may apply)
Custom made branded ceramic tap handles available*

Name APOLLO 12, Copper Brushed
Part Number AP350-12
Type Apollo
Faucets, Pcs. 12
Material Brass
Finish Copper Brushed
Cooling method, Air/Glycol Glycol
Recirculation line O.D., In. 3/8 Copper
Beer line I.D., In. 3/8 SS
Shanks and faucets, Yes/No Yes
Height, In. 16 11/16
Width, In. 51 9/16
Distance Between Faucets, In. 3
Pedestal diameter, In. 4 1/8
Mounting hardware, Yes/No Yes

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