Stainless Steel Turndown Spout - 3/4" BSP Thread
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To dispense beer and ale the easy way, you need the right equipment. Stainless Steel Turndown Spout is a cask spout that is designed for beer dispensing using gravity rather than a beer engine.

Suitable for use with 3/4" thread tap, it is perfect for conveniently serving at beer festivals and outdoor events because it directly connects into a cask. Simply attach the Cask Ale Turn Down Spout to a barrel or keg tap and away you go!

Turndown Spout for 3/4" BSP Tap Highlights

  • 3/4" thread turndown spout
  • Material: durable and sanitary stainless steel
  • Precision pour
  • Converts a standard cask tap into a gravity dispense tap
  • Can be attached to a 3/4" thread tap using a tap nut
  • Allows direct dispensing from beer casks, barrels, and cask keg
  • Item Dimensions: Height 65mm, Width 50mm, Diameter 12mm, Weight 32g.

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