San Jamar Versa-Mat Interlocking Bar Glass Mat, 12x12"

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When you’re running a bar, pub, or restaurant, everything has to be perfect - from drinks to coolers to such little things as glass mats. Why?

First of all, a good dry glass bar mat makes your bartender’s work easier and allow them to focus on what’s really important - serving drinks. Secondly, it optimizes the space around your counter area, prevents cup chipping and glass breakage.

Last but not least, if we are talking about a San Jamar Versa-mat, it helps to reduce the amount of bacteria and runoff of liquids to meet all the sanitary requirements.

Key Features of Versa-Mat San Jamar

One of the great things about this San Jamar interlocking sanitary bar mat is that you can cut it any way you like to accommodate the space where it is supposed to be used. Plus, you can also put together (interlock) two or more mats to create the shapes that you need.

Here are some other notable benefits of San Jamar bar glass mats:

  1. Superior airflow
  2. Four color options available (black, clear, red, wine)
  3. Easy to disassemble
  4. Dishwasher-safe
  5. Non-slip surface
  6. NSF Certified

All in all, it’s an ideal choice for countertops, shelves, bar rails, and other surfaces.

Product Specifications

  • The basic product specs are as follows:
  • Dimensions - 12’’ x 12’’ (305 x 305 mm)
  • Material - plastic
  • Weight (1 pc) - 0.4 kg

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