Pegas CraftPad - 4 Beer Manifold

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PEGAS CraftPad – flow control switcher for foam-free beer dispenser PEGAS CrafTap (or PEGAS CrafTap 2.0.), manifold allows you to dispense up to 4 different beers

PEGAS CraftPad is designed as a support that connects to PEGAS CrafTap and is located directly below it, without requiring additional space.

PEGAS CraftPad is sold separately and can be easily connected to PEGAS CrafTap from any production batch.

Dispensing Of Several Different Beers Through The One Filler CrafTap

PEGAS CraftPad has 4 switches toggling beers inside PEGAS CrafTap (or PEGAS CrafTap 2.0.).

Eliminating Beers Mixing While Dispensing

Fifth switch on PEGAS CraftPad is connected to the CO2 supply that would purge beer channel. Purging is done before dispensing another beer through the same filler, this way mixing of beers is eliminated.

Easy-To-Use Technology

Beverage dispensing and purging is done with an easy turn of manifold switches. Dispensing after that is done with an easy and simple way of using PEGAS CrafTap.

Space-saving And Convenient

Manifold is designed in the form of a plate that goes directly underneath PEGAS CrafTap and does not require any additional space on the bar counter.

Durable Design

PEGAS CrafTap would serve you years and years. Body and taps are done from durable stainless steel material. Device design has minimum of parts and connections, there is practically nothing to break.

More Opportunities While Staying On Budget

When purchasing one manifold you would be able to dispense up to 4 beers through PEGAS CrafTap, 4 beers would not be mixing with each other.

This would ensure you staying on budget and saving space at the beer dispense area. Now you don’t have to crowd your bar counter with numerous PEGAS CrafTap fillers.

Stylish design

PEGAS CrafTap and PEGAS CraftPad are designed with the same colors and ideally complement each other. Two devices put together look like one integrated high-tech unit.

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