Northwest Pale Ale - Mr Beer Complete Kit - 2 Gallon
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Mr. Beer Northwest Pale Ale Complete Kit is a perfect choice for anyone who’s making their first steps into the endlessly rewarding world of homebrewing. This particular style of beer is amber-gold in color and features a refreshing woodsy hop aroma.

As with other Mr. Beer kits, this one comes complete with step-by-step instructions, basic ingredients, and easy-to-use brewing equipment. However, unlike the Starter kit, it also contains 11 shatterproof bottles specifically designed for carbonating beer, which provides for an easier homebrewing experience.

Since the same ingredients are used to produce the famous Coopers beer at the legendary Coopers Brewery in Australia, you are guaranteed to get the genuine craft classic beer with every batch of Northwest Pale Ale.

Northwest Pale Ale Complete Kit Features

  • 2 gallons of beer per batch
  • Takes only 30 minutes to brew
  • 10-14 days to ferment (the beer is ready to drink in 21-28 days)
  • Includes a fermenter, a can of beer extract, a pack of carbonation drops, a no-rinse cleanser, eleven 25-oz bottles, and printed instructions
  • Reusable fermenter and bottles

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