Home Kegerator, full size, includes 1 tap tower

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Edgestar 2000
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It's time to complete your bar, restaurant, party, or event with this UBC Kegmaster!

This single tap kegerator on wheels is a home grade, top quality unit. You can't go wrong with it.
Let your favorite beer flow seamlessly through this unit.


  • Includes 1 or 2 Tap Air, Cylinder Tower
  • Fits Full size 60L, 30L or 2x20L kegs
  • Swivel wheels for ultimate mobility

  • Keg or tapping equipment is not included


Height                          48 1/2" w/tower
Depth 15 1/2
Width 16 3/4"                                          
Weight 82 lbs


1/2 Barrel                     1 Keg                                      
1/4 Barrel 1 Keg
1/6 Barrel 1 Keg


Cabinet Powder coated metal
Drip Tray Plastic
Guard Rail                   Yes
Casters Yes
Branding Available                                 


Noise                            Not more than 45 db
Evaporator Type Dynamic cooling, ribbed pipe
Operating Amperage 1/5 A
Thermostat Model Manual

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