Growler Filling Turnkey Station, 1-13 lines, with kegerator

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If you sell beer on tap, this Pegas CrafTap 3.0 growler filling station will make a perfect addition to your beer dispensing arsenal. It is a perfectly sealed counter-pressure growler filler station that is capable of running 4 to 6 product lines and provides a foamless fill allowing beer to stay fresh for up to 30 days.

What Is a Beer Growler Filler?

A growler is an airtight jug-shaped bottle designed to transport craft beer from breweries, bars, or pubs. It allows you to take your favorite craft beer with you and carry it around or store for some time with little to no reduction in the beer's quality.

Therefore, a growler filling station is a device that’s designed to fill growlers with beer so that it would not let oxygen in and stay foam-free and fresh for a few weeks.

This Pegas growler filler is a perfect example of such a device as it allows for a comfortable, quick, and beer-friendly growler filling.

What Makes Pegas CrafTap Growler Filler Great?

The Pegas growler system stands out among similar products mainly due to its:

  • impeccable build quality
  • meticulous attention to every little aspect of beer dispensing 
  • cool vintage look that’s bound to draw amazed stares from your customers

As for the Pegas growler filler price, it might seem a bit high at first but when you realize what world-class unit you’ve got on your hands and how much beer it can dispense for you, then you’ll know it’s worth every penny.

PEGAS CrafTap 3.0 Growler Filler Features

  • Fills a 2-liter growler in less than 40 seconds
  • Oxygen-free and foam-free filling
  • Allows you to dispense up to 6 different styles of beer
  • Minimized beer drainage
  • Ideal for craft breweries and beer bars


The Craftap can also be mounted on top of a Kegmaster2 kegerator or large commercial kegerator unit, along with a CraftPad 4 or CraftPad 6.


What are the improvements since the Craftap 2.0?

The upgrades in the growler filling station Pegas Craftap 3.0 focus on the reliability features of the unit, making for less maintenance.

Some features include:

  • Improved pressure release valve
  • Improved door latch
  • Newly tooled plastic body
  • Metal frame connects top to base
  • Insulated beer line enclosure
  • Backlit POP area on back of unit
  • Improved bottle raising platform

Installation of Beer Growler Filling Machine Pegas Craftap 3.0


Technical Data Unit of Measure Value
Filling Capacity (dependent on beer temp, beer quality and operator experience) L/h (gal/h) 45-120 L/h (11.89 – 31.70)
CO2 Pressure to keg PSI 13-20
CO2 Flow (rate to create counter pressure) PSI 13-20
Outside Stainless Steel Supply Line Diameter mm (in) 12 (.50)
Inside Stainless Steel Supply Line Diameter mm (in) 7 (.3125)
Power Requirements (V) / (Amps) / (Hz) 100-240/0.70/50-60
Power Output (LED Lighting Source) (V) / (Amps) / (Watts) 5/50-60/2.5
Power Cord Length m (ft) 1.80 (5.91)
Device Net Weight kg (lb) 12 (25.46)

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