Fan motor "ELCO" ECM 20, 115V - 60/50Hz
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Looking for a replacement ECM Elco refrigeration fan motor? We’ve got one at Beverage Craft. Being an Elco fan motor supplier in Canada and the USA, we offer a wide range of high-quality refrigeration parts from Elco and other brands at affordable prices.

The ECM 20 Elco condenser fan motor model is energy-efficient and is ideally suited for refrigerated display cases, freezers, drink dispensers, and small condensers. It also features a power shut-down function in case of a microprocessor failure.

Elco ECM 20-25 Energy-saving Fan Motor Specifications

  • Working temperature: from -400C to +550C
  • Made of thermoplastic materials with double insulation
  • Speed: 1,850 rpm
  • Service life: 60,000 hours of continuous work

The commutated energy saving electronic motor company ELCO with permanent magnet, was designed by the company ELCO specifically for the needs of commercial refrigeration. Compared to traditional devices, these engines have higher efficiency, consuming up to 80% less energy, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions, as well as reduces heat release to the refrigeration circuit. Increased power output in relation to the weight of the device allows for smaller dimensions of engines. Due to the high rotational speed, the engine works well in condensers with a problem with heat dissipation (aggregates built in refrigerated furniture).

Technical Data

- Voltage: 115V 60/50Hz
- Output power: 20W
- Current: 0.18 A
- Revolutions per minute: 2200 Rpm
- Temp. surroundings: –40 to +60 degrees Celsius
- Insulation class: B- double insulation (grounding cables eliminated)
- Protection class: IP65
- Bearing: sliding or ball bearing
- Compact housing made of thermoplastic material
- Lifetime: 60,000 hours in continuous work

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