Direct Draw System 1.3 Gallon Cleaning Kit, D Valve Plastic Fitting
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A nice keg line cleaner kit when you need one? That’s right, here at Beverage Craft, we care about cleaning and safety just as much as we do about brewing and dispensing beer.

This convenient direct-draw keg line cleaning kit is a perfect remedy for dirty beer lines. It’s easy to assemble and use – you just connect it to a beer line and pump the SUPER NO-RINSE cleaning solution through that line.

Ideally, this procedure should be repeated every 2–3 weeks, depending on how frequent you use your draft beer dispensing system. Alternatively, you can do the cleaning every ½ barrel.

Keg Line Cleaner Kit Features

  • 1.3-gallon plastic cleaning can with one head
  • Cleaning cap, D-type cleaning bottle plastic cap
  • 5-liter dip tube
  • 16-oz beverage system cleaner, SUPER NO-RINSE
  • Faucet wrench
  • Faucet brush

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