Beer Mash Tuns

Beer mash tuns are necessary for the all-grain brewing process. Despite not being a highly sophisticated piece of homebrewing equipment, they do a very important job of mixing the ground malt with temperature-controlled water, which converts the starches in the grains into sugars, which later on will be consumed by the yeast and eventually turned into alcohol.

Your trusted supplier of all things homebrewing - Beverage Craft - has a nice selection of beer-making mash tuns of different sizes and configurations, including:

  • Beer mash tun cooler with stainless steel lining - coming in 13-liter, 15-liter, and 17-litre variations
  • 12-inch false bottom made of stainless steel - great for converting coolers or plastic buckets into mash tuns
  • Water coolers - small (28 litres) and large (43 litres)

Feel free to look around and learn more about these products by clicking on the item you’re interested in. Also, check out the selection of glycol chillersstainless steel tanks and other beer brewing equipment on our site.

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All-Grain Brewing and Mash Tuns: What Equipment Is Required?

All-grain brewing does not require an elaborate setup of equipment that occupies all the space in your basement. The basic elements you’ll need are:

  • Heat source (a kitchen stove may work, but a propane burner is much effective and does the same job faster)
  • Beer-brewing pot (at least 8-gal capacity, however, a 10-gal kettle would be better)
  • Brewing beer mash tun (an authentic mash tun is preferable, but you can do with a makeshift tun converted from a water cooler)
  • Hydrometer (to check the gravity)
  • Accessories
    - Stirring spoon
    - Siphon hose with a clamp (or, better yet, an auto-siphon)
    - Tubing
    - Water filter (in case you’re using tap water) - see our water filter selection

Important note: remember to sanitize the equipment that comes in contact with the future beer ingredients. Food safety is no joke.

Another important note: be sure to follow the recipe for the exact proportions of your ingredients. Doing this will ensure the best possible quality of the final product.

All-Grain Brewing With a Beer Mash Tun

The basic procedures you’ll need to go through are these:

  1. Heat up the strike water (the temperature and volume depend on your recipe) - this water will be used to mix with the grains in your mash tun
  2. Boil a separate kettle of water (1-2 gallons), which will be used to pre-heat the mash tun. Pour the boiling water into the mash tun and close the lid to let it pre-heat for several minutes, after which you pour that water out of the tun
  3. Once you’ve crushed your grains to expose the starch within for mashing, pour the strike water and the grains into the mash tun while stirring with a spoon to avoid dry spots
  4. Close the lid and let the tun stay for about an hour
  5. Heat up some more water, which will be used to rinse the mashed grains
  6. To ensure that the starch conversion is complete, you can do a simple test: pour a little bit of the liquid from the mash tun, add a drop of some iodine and mix them. If the iodine disappears (dissolves) completely, the process is complete!

If you are not sure which type of beer mash tuns is right for your homebrewing system setup, let Beverage Craft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.