4" US Sankey Beer Keg Party Pump
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Fill your party with rivers of fresh keg beer thanks to 4" Chrome Plated Metal Pump. This party pump beer dispenser comes equipped with a D-type system coupler with SS probe that will never tarnish or rust. “D” system is also known as “US Sankey,” and is very common in North America. All the major craft breweries use it, as well as most craft breweries. 

This beer keg party pump is durable and perfect for any party or outdoor gathering where you need to tap a kegged beer.

4" Keg Pump Tap Features

  • a special beer keg pump prevents over-pumping and excessive foam
  • chrome-plated forged brass body
  • pressure relief valve
  • quick and easy dispensing due to a short-stroke pump
  • fits for the smaller diameter ⅙ kegs

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