3-stage Water Filtration System, ECOSOFT

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Streamline filter Ecosoft is ideal for installation in homes and apartments with supply of water from the central water supply. The system configuration makes it possible to clean main water, raise its quality up to the level of water from natural sources that is safe for health and has a balanced composition of minerals.

Main features:

The filter includes an assembly of three water treatment modules connected in series, compactly mounted under the kitchen sink. To supply clean water, a separate valve crane mounted on a countertop is provided for. The system is specially designed for cleaning the earth water supplied from the city water supply.

High-quality Ukrainian product

The system is the product of intellectual labor of Ukrainian engineers and specially optimized for local conditions of use. Before its creation the company's specialists conducted analysis of water from the 500 different central water supply sources, the results thereof make it possible to find the optimum set of filtering elements. This system has a number of advantages over similar products and alternative treatment methods such as:

- Improved filtration efficiency;

- Choice of water treatment cartridges from two kits;

- Compact design;

- Easy and convenient installation;

- Safety.

Lack of limescale

These streamlined water filters soften it, so in boiling the limescale is not formed. You can enjoy the taste of tea, coffee and soups, and household appliances serve reliably for many years.

High performance

This streamlined water filter cleans the water quickly, without using a storage tank. Simply open a special valve and fill the container by clean and tasty water.

Principle of operation

Ecosoft filtration system includes three water treatment stages, two of which are different depending on the selected kit of cartridges.


Polypropylene cartridge for removal of mechanical impurities, sand and oxidation products of the pipeline inner surfaces. It clears water from foreign substances larger than 5 microns, and also prevents the subsequent filtration stages from damage.

Stage 2

Cartridge with a mixture EcomixD37, used in the No.5 kit as a first purification stage.

Stage 3

For all versions:

The cartridge is based on the coconut activated carbon. It performs fine water purification, removing the tiniest mechanical and organochlorine inclusions.


The system includes 2 tubings (tubes) for moving water. Red tube is used for water moving from the intake point to the filtration module and the blue one is from the filter to the tap.

For reliable and quick fixation of tubes, high quality John Guest Speedfit fittings preventing from  leaking out are used.

Delivery cock of the purified water is mounted in the hole of 12.5 mm in diameter drilled in the countertop or sink. The pack includes all necessary mounting and sealing elements.

The filtration system is designed for reliable operation when it is connected to the water supply pipe at a pressure of 2 to 5 atmospheres. A larger value of the pressure requires mounting the reducer.


Every cartridge of the system provides for the life (in liters) and lifetime (in units of time). Regardless of the amount of water passed through it, the cartridges must be replaced by new one in every 12 months of use.

The life is:

- 1500 liters

List of Equipment:

- The filter module assembly with a set of cartridges (3 cartridges);

- Delivery cock of purified water with mounting kit;

- Tubings (tubes) (2 pcs);

- T-piece for connection to the water supply (1/2''PH - 1/2'' PB - 1/4''PB);

- Ball cock of water supply (1/4''PH - 1/4 '' compression fitting);

- The key for the filter housing;

- Passport

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